“Augustus Napier’s book was born of the convergence of two
strong talents, one for poetry and one for taking photographs.
The pictures in this book have the power and subtlety of the
happiest art, and some, like the coastal scene on page 67, are
simply breathtaking. The accompanying poems are not, as one
might fear, elaborated titles for what the camera has shown;
rather they relate these sightings, with a fresh eloquence, to
the larger dimensions of the author’s life and memory.
It makes for a fine duet.”
Richard Wilbur
Former U.S. Poet Laureate, Winner of Two Pulitzer Prizes


Augustus Napier is a poet and a photographer with a richly
poetic vision focused, as he says, on the places, people, and
the waning world he loves. He brings to those subjects, especially
in his color nature studies, a minimalism and sensitivity as
delicate as a Japanese painter’s, while other images are as
American-maximal as a photograph by Carleton Watkins or Ansel
Adams. And still others, equally brilliant but unique in their vision,
are like no one else’s.
John Wood, Editor, 21st Editions.
About the Book
These intimately linked poems and photographs by Augustus Napier call upon the summative power of word and image to tell stories. The stories are mainly about the author’s love of places and people, of life’s small details, of the sweep of landscape.
Some stories are celebratory; in others the irony and ambiguity of life insert themselves. The first section, “In the Mountains,” richly portrays the author’s love of his adopted home: its rock faces, its domed hills, its fiercely independent people. There is the story of a. …Continue reading →

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